Can the container be placed in our yard?

This is all dependent on the space the truck will have to back in. If the backyard access is a narrow alleyway, the truck will likely not be able to back in. Plywood should be laid down to set the box on. Yard should be fairly level.

Can the container be placed in our driveway?

Yes, however wood boards or plywood should be placed to prevent scarring of the driveway.

What materials are acceptable to load into container?

Containers are for construction waste (wood, drywall, insulation, concrete). Household trash can be hauled but will be at an additional cost. No hazardous materials, liquids, etc. are acceptable to haul.

How heavy can the containers be loaded?

Light materials such as wood or insulation can fill the container with no overweight issues. Containers used for disposal of concrete, gravel, or other fill materials should only be loaded with approximately 10-12 yards of this material to be safe and legal to haul.

Can a box be placed in the street in front of a building or residence?

It can, provided the owner or contractor obtains a street occupancy permit as required. Protection such as plywood should be used to prevent damage to the street.